Peek debuts new 9 slate model with new features

We have talked a bit about the Peek 9 device before, but at the time we only had an unconfirmed price to work with. The Peek 9 is now available with the full details including pricing up for perusal. The new device adds some cool features that make it sound a lot like a smartphone minus voice capability.

The Peek 9 has a very thin design and is designed to allow wireless communications like texting and email without having to spend lots of money on a data plan for a smartphone. The device has push email delivered to your webmail and Peak 9 device at the same time. The 9 can text directly to other cell phones. The 9 also supports Peektop apps that allow users to load their own apps for all sorts of tasks. Peek also integrates with Facebook and Twitter for keeping up to date with social networks. The device has a full QWERTY keyboard and works with Outlook and Exchange.

Battery life is claimed to be 4-5 days of typical use. The Peak 9 weighs 3.8 ounces, has a US Tri band GPRS 800/1800/1900MHz radio and supports GPRS. The screen is 2.5-inches with a 320 x 240 resolution and the device has 8MB of user memory. The CPU is an ARM7 running at 104MHz and it runs Peekux for the OS. The price for the device only is $69.99 and with two months of service included, the price is $99.99. Lifetime service is $249.99 with monthly service for $19.95.