Peek $299.95 Lifetime Service offer - only available today

Peek are running a one-day special offer, whereby you can pick up their eponymous messaging handset for $299.95 with lifetime service.  Normally the Peek – which offers easy access to email and text messaging from a candybar-format device with full QWERTY – costs just $79.95, but requires a $19.95 monthly service charge.

With this offer, you get unlimited email access and unlimited texting (which Peek do through their email servers) for however long you use the device.  Considering twelve months of standard Peek service normally costs just under $240, the Lifetime Service package almost pays for itself in the first year.

Although a relatively new device, Peek have already won both a number of awards and a loyal following of users.  A one-off service plan fee is something that has been repeatedly requested; Peek management have always said that it depends on the data deals they can negotiate with carriers.  Hopefully this one-day event will spawn more general availability of such a package.