Pebble Watch Kickstarter breaks $4.5 million

The Pebble smart watch project made in hopes of attaining $100,000 on Kickstarter has continued to break records at an alarming rate, having busted the record for all-time earners on the network earlier this week and hitting $4.5 million today. This project has eInk working on a watch platform that connects with the iPhone and Android and has a massive 30 days to go before its Kickstarter campaign is complete. Are you in on the fun yet?

This project has taken the Kickstarter world by storm as it was just $3.5 million that broke the record this past week – now with an unbelievable 30 days left to go, we're wondering how high they'll go! Another question is what the limit will be for this cash monster and if Kickstarter will have to stopper up the donations and let the group earn their keep with actual products. Donating to the project allows you to get in early on the project with a watch sent to you for a discounted price.

The discounted price and early shipping appear to be the leading causes of the project's undeniably above-and-beyond goal-breaking status, but the idea that this watch will change people's smart mobile lives is certainly another. What we've got to ask also is this: will Kickstarter become like pre-orders on projects instead of "Kickstarting" them primarily?

This does appear to be the trend!