Pebble updates its smartwatch Android app, fixes bugs

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 3, 2013
Pebble updates its smartwatch Android app, fixes bugs

It’s been a long, bumpy road for Pebble, pardon the kinda-sorta there pun. The company did roll out its Android app back on January 24, but it had a fairly significant bug, and users were having trouble getting it to connect to the device. Now the app’s first update has been rolled out, and is available now via Google Play.

The update presents two bug fixes that should reduce users’ grief. The first of the two corrects the problem with undiscoverable Pebble watches. The second, meanwhile, is more simple, being a change in the Play Store listing that lists which devices are incompatible, making it a device support fix/misclassification fix.

This release takes the app to version 1.6.8. According to the Google Play store, the app is available for devices running Android 2.3.3 and higher, coming in at a svelte 2.5MB. Still, despite the update, the app is not without its bugs. Pebble itself has listed a problem on Google Play, where it states that certain Samsung users who are running Android 4.0 and higher could find their smartphones speaking when Pebble accessibility services are enabled.

The bug results from Samsung’s Android operating system that gets screwy with any accessibility service, not just Pebble’s. According to the company, it is waiting for Samsung to issue a fix that will stop the problem. For those who don’t know, this app allows Pebble users to interface with their smartwatch, providing update notifications, custom watch interfaces, and performs troubleshooting.

[via Android Community]

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