Pebble smartwatch hits Black Friday with Amazon and own-page cuts

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2013, 10:18 am CST
Pebble smartwatch hits Black Friday with Amazon and own-page cuts

There’s nothing like a good push on the biggest shopping day of the year, especially when you’ve got a device that’s just about the size of your traditional stocking for stuffing. That’s what’s up with Pebble this weekend when they reveal that they’ve released the device to Amazon as well as on their own site with special cut just for this weekend. This device is also getting ramped up for a bit of a rebirth as their version 2.0 software brews in beta, mind you, with developers chomping at the bit.

The Pebble smartwatch is just one of several smart wearable devices to have been released this year, but the only with an eink display and a standard pricing that’s well below the rest of the pack. Pebble is being offered up on Amazon for the first time today, complete with a (hilarious) one dollar off standard pricing as well as an (enticing) $20 gift card to boot.

Meanwhile the Pebble store itself – on its own site, that is – with a weekend-long price-cut of $20 USD for reals. In either case, users will be able to pick from the full 5-color collection of watches, offered up in white, red, gray, black, or orange.

There’s a growing community of software and hardware creators pushing to take their piece of the Pebble pie home this season as well. There’s a 3D design for a stand called Pebble Smartwatch stand available from the fellow named pocketscience for your printing ease this week, and a massive amount of apps appearing in both the Google Play app store and the iTunes app store right this minute – and there’s always the Pebble Watchapp directory for more right off the assembly line, too.

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