Pebble reveals plan to aid developers in creating 'smartstraps'

Earlier this month, Pebble showed off its "smartstrap" aspirations, something that will allow others to develop intelligent straps for the latest upcoming Pebble smartwatches. Now the company is back with another update, this time zeroing in on the how — namely, that it'll be pushing that development into gear with a new million-dollar fund set to aid developers in making — and launching — their own Pebble smartstraps. Developers will still need to launch their own funding campaigns, but under this Pebble will back the strap itself if it likes what it sees.

Pebble announced the new fund on its Kickstarter campaign today, saying that it will be pledging $1 million USD in funds to developers' Pebble smartstrap creations. Those interested need to develop their prototype, post it on a crowdfunding platform (not necessarily Kickstarter), and hope it catches Pebble's eye. If it does, the company says it will back the project.

Not all smartstraps are going to see funding from Pebble, however, only "the best of them". Developers and teams of developers can ensure Pebble sees their project by tipping it to @Pebble on Twitter, or by emailing the company's developers support inbox.

A smartstrap will work with the maker's Pebble Time smartwatches, adding functionality that isn't available with the watch itself. This could include fitness-centric smartstraps that work with a company's own Pebble app, additional connectivity options, or something as simple as an extra battery to boost the time between charges.

SOURCE: Kickstarter