Pebble gets RunKeeper for apps before hardware

The Pebble watch project has gotten its first application integration confirmation from RunKeeper, a fitness application working on several mobile platforms including iOS and Android. At the Runkeeper website you're able to keep track of all you've done via your smartphone, and now you'll be able to track that information on your Pebble watch as well. The Pebble watch platform is one meant to work in tangent with your Android and iOS devices along with eink technology and will be produced later this year.

So you might wonder how this set of developers is able to get an application running on a piece of hardware that does not yet exist, yes? As it turns out, they've not really taken the time to actually implement the application on the watch itself, but certainly will have the watch working with the application when it is released. They've done this with a simple situation called: it's going to be easy enough to do, so why not just do it?

Have a peek here at RunKeeper Live integration for the already-released version of RunKeeper:

The watch itself will likely be running an interface which allows for ultra-simple modification of applications on both iOS and Android to connect and display what you need when you need it on your wrist. This watch, again, is the most successful project in the history of Kickstarter with over $8 million dollars in contributions already having been racked up thus far, and will continue to capture our hearts through the future. Have a peek at the timeline below to see where we've been already!

[via RunKeeper]