Pebble Color edition: this is (likely) the new lineup

Chris Burns - Feb 23, 2015, 10:05am CST
Pebble Color edition: this is (likely) the new lineup

Details surrounding the rumored color display-toting Pebble have leaked this morning just hours before the final, official reveal by the company itself. This smartwatch is very similar to its predecessor, this time coming with a display that includes color. The physical appearance of this device is unlike its predecessor in that it rolls with a slightly more “sporty” feel – but the buttons are still there, and the strap still looks rather rubbery. The operating system inside may have quite a bit of a change-up.

Rumors for this next-generation release include a brand new Pebble OS as redesigned by workers previously assigned to webOS. This does not mean that the apps the work with Pebble now won’t work in the future. On the contrary. They’ll work just as well – just as long as the Pebble team lets developers know well in advance of a release.

There’s word also of a microphone being added to this new Pebble Color model. If that’s true, voice dictation, messaging, and voice commands may be opened up to users. A faster processor will help make these features a reality as well.

Word comes from 9to5Mac where the yellow-screen Pebble Color image was first revealed to the public. They also suggest that this new Pebble will have a 6-axis gyroscope and will eventually work with add-on “Smart Band” technology.

Like an accessory for an accessory.

We’ll know the full story about this color-toting display-having Pebble later today. Until then, have a peek at SlashGear’s Pebble tag portal as well as the Pebble timeline below.

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