Peak Design Mobile range adds modular magnetic accessories to your phone

Peak Design has a new crowdfunding campaign, but after taking on backpacks and tripods, now it's the turn of the phone case. Mobile by Peak Design isn't just a single case but an ecosystem, designed for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, with a specially-created low-profile connector system that can help mount your device in a car, on a bike or motorcycle, or to accessories for photographers and videographers.

Peak Design calls it SlimLink, and it combines both mechanical and magnetic attachment. The Everyday Case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones has a small, square zirconia ceramic insert on the back; that's surrounded by magnets.

Accessories first cling on using the magnets, which help guide the case into place. Then, the hard-locking clips snap into place for maximum reassurance. The case itself is wrapped in nylon canvas fabric, and Peak Design says it should still support wireless charging even given the slight increase in overall phone bulk.

If you have a phone that Peak Design doesn't have a case for, or indeed if you want something even more low-profile, there's a Universal Adapter instead. That sticks onto the back of your phone – or a third-party case, as long as it's smooth – with a patch of adhesive.

As for what you can attach it to, there the range is growing. There's a dashboard mount for your car, and a handlebar mount for your bike; the latter can optionally have a GoPro adapter attached, too. A foldable tripod makes standing up your phone for group photos, time-lapse, or night shots more straightforward, while a wallet adds room for your cards. There's a wireless charging stand too, plus a version of the car mount that adds charging support.

The big question is Apple's new MagSafe for iPhone, announced alongside the iPhone 12 range last week. Peak Design says it has been working on Mobile for four years, but is confident that most of its soft-locking mounts and accessories – such as the Tripod, Wallet, Charging Stand, Wall Mount, and Car Mounts – will work with MagSafe phones and cases. An iPhone 12 in a Peak Design Everyday Case will still work on a MagSafe charger, too, the company claims, and Apple's card wallet attachment will cling to a Peak Design case.

Exactly how that all shakes out will have to wait until we have both iPhone 12 and Peak Design system in hand. One early annoyance will be Apple's decision to limit third-party wireless chargers to 7.5W, while its own MagSafe chargers can deliver double that.

All the same, this is a comprehensive range of accessories from a company with a glowing reputation among those who value thoughtful design and the reassurance of lifetime guarantees. Peak Design is putting the Mobile system up today on its latest Kickstarter, aiming to raise $100,000 in the process, with general availability from Spring 2021.

The Everyday Case is $32 during presales ($39,95 MSRP), while the Universal Bike Mount is $40 ($49.95 MSRP), the Mobile Tripod is $45 ($54.95 MSRP), and the Car Mount is $32 ($39.95 MSRP). The Charging Car Mount is $58 ($69.95 MSRP) and the Wireless Charging Stand is $72 ($89.95 MSRP).