MagSafe for iPhone - Chargers, cases and more

One surprise from Apple's iPhone reveal event today is the announcement that the iPhone 12 will use MagSafe for wireless charging. Not only will MagSafe help you land in the wireless charging sweet spot each time, but it can also be used for accessories as well. Apple's MagSafe reveal was one of those "blink and you'll miss it" type deals, but we did get some quick looks at MagSafe accessories Apple is making for iPhone 12.

For starters, there's the wireless charger Apple is making in-house, with the company saying that MagSafe for iPhone will support up to 15W charging. A magnetometer inside the iPhone can tell when a wireless charger has been attached or when users are simply attaching MagSafe accessories, of which it seems Apple is making two.

The two MagSafe accessories Apple is making include a wallet, which is a pretty straightforward product as it's mostly just a card-sized magnetic sleeve that can hold some cash and cards. Then we'll also see a protective sleeve for the iPhone itself; when sliding the phone into this sleeve, MagSafe will activate the iPhone's lock screen clock to show the time through a window on the front.

Apple says that MagSafe chargers can still work through these accessories, and that regular Qi-certified wireless chargers will still work with the iPhone 12. The company is also making a dual MagSafe charger that can fit both the iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch (pictured above) and folds up when not in use for easy portability – it looks like this might be the closest we get to the ill-fated AirPower wireless charging mat.

Apple won't be the only company making MagSafe accessories and chargers, as third-party partners like Belkin will also be launching MagSafe products of their own. We'll bring you more details about MagSafe for iPhone when Apple shares them, so stay tuned for more.