PC to TV media swapping made super-simple

Chris Davies - Jan 30, 2007

I’ve a shudder-inducing feeling that my own personal purgatory will be a nightmarish bombardment of acronyms and abbreviations.  Seriously, is there any other industry so in love with initials and oddly-constructed names?  Well, the latest to offend my eyes is USBTV, basically a USB memory stick with built-in video encoder and video line-out.


Tech-shy users slap the key into their PC, drag’n’drop a load of content onto it (which get DRM-encrypted as it transfers) and then either slot it into an LCD or Plasma TV which has a compatible USBTV USB port, or use the cradle and a bog-standard video-out cable. 

It might sound bland – and compared to wireless media streamers, it is – but it’s obviously caught the attention of LG, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer and Zoran who have all jumped into bed with Sandisk.  Expect to see USBTV products later this year, after some trial testing starts at the beginning of February.

USBTV [via EverythingUSB]

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