PC meets arts and crafts

I have this strange fascination with new and different pc cases. To give you an idea, my current case has blue glowing eyes and a design that reminds me of spiderman; if you ever doubted I was a true geek, now you know.

This new case I love. Honestly, how many people have a stained glass computer case? Not to mention, the design on the side is really cool, then again I also have a thing for Asian inspired art. This case is made from canary wood, copper, lead, and obviously stained glass.

One really great thing about a stained glass case is that there are thousands of different designs you could create to make it your own. If you are good with stained glass at all (which I'm not, trust me I've tried), and have a lot of time on your hands you could always attempt to create one yourself.

Crazy Stained Glass PC Sanitizes Your Porn Addiction [via Gizmodo]