Patriot USB Flash Drive goes for dual Type-A, Type-C plugs

As fancy, reversible, and multipurpose as the new Type-C USB ports may be, they are not backwards compatible with any of the existing accessories and flash drives in the market. At least not without an adapter. But with Apple's new MacBook and Google's new Chromebook Pixel solidly behind the new standard, it will only be a matter of time before it spreads like wildfire. It's also the perfect opportunity for device and accessory makers to put out new wares, like what Patriot is doing with its new USB flash drives.

Honestly speaking, the new USB Flash Drive that Patriot is developing won't be that different from its kin, aside from having a Type-C compatible connector. Like other flash drives that sport dual Type-A full-sized and micro USB plugs, this one has one full Type-A USB and one Type-C USB connectors instead. This makes the flash drive versatile and usable with almost any computer or device in the market. Well, except for those that have a micro USB port, in which case you'll need an adapter too.

The Type-C USB standard has long been seen as the answer to many of the USB standard's shortcoming, especially the rigid orientation-based way you have plug things in. To some extent, it takes inspiration from Apple's Lighting ports, which is why it's is somewhat surprising that Apple would immediately jump on the standard and put it to use in the new MacBook. Of course, the Type-C USB port is the only port on that ultraportable, which doesn't sit well with many Apple fans.

That said, Type-C is undoubtedly the future of USB, though how long it will take to get there is a different question entirely. Even with giants such as Apple and Google backing it, very few devices in the market still adopt it. And for quite some time, many will opt to use adapters while bidding their time for manufacturers like Patriot to get their products out the door.

As for Patriot's Type-C USB Flash Drives, they will be available starting June in 32 and 64 GB options. No word yet on pricing.

SOURCE: Patriot