Path gets iOS 7 relaunch

Private photo sharing service Path has finally updated its app for iOS 7, with a redesigned interface, simplified controls, and broader sharing options to link to other services. Path 3.4 pares back the UI to match the rest of Apple's "flattened" appearance for iOS 7, in addition to adding swipe support to move between messages and the homescreen.

The settings page has been refined too, now split into three different sections for Account, Notifications, and Sharing. The former is where individual profile information is updated, including profile and cover images, email, and other details. Notifications handles which friends trigger push alerts and such.

Finally, in Sharing there's now broader control over which other services can be linked to. For instance, Path can push photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and WordPress.

Path has also updated the Shop, with in-app access to upgrading to Path Premium. The company offers various stickers and filters for in-app purchase too.

The new version is arguably a chance for Path to reclaim some of its momentum, after falling foul of privacy complaints and seeing a slump in downloads back in late 2013.