Parrot's Philippe Starck Zikmu 'in Color' wireless speakers go on sale

Parrot has updated its distinctive Zikmu speaker range with a new selection of colors together with an improved software client that boosts remote iPod functionality.  As well as the original black versions, Parrot will offer white, grey and lime-green/yellow models; each uses the same NXT flat-panel speaker system for 360-degree audio.

As for the software update, that now allows owners to remotely control their iPod or iPhone from a new web browser interface, rather than having to go over to the PMP itself and peck away at the display.  It's a free download for existing owners, too.  If you haven't got an iPod then you can still stream audio from a PC, Mac or cellphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, or use the analog RCA input.

Unsurprisingly, the pricing hasn't gotten any easier to stomach, each set comes with 2 speakers that communicate wirelessly with one another so that they can be positioned anywhere in the room for $1,600.  Heady stuff, considering the sort of multi-room Sonos system you could start building for that.

Press Release:

Parrot Zikmu 'in Color' by Philippe Starck

Famous wireless speakers now available in 4 stylish colors and reinvent the magic of Zikmu sound

DETROIT, July 19 /PRNewswire/ — Parrot, global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones, announces a new colored range of its stereo speakers Zikmu by Philippe Starck – White Arctic, Grey Pearl and Lime Sorbet – in addition to a new Web interface and software update.

The state-of-the-art technology and the pure sound of the Zikmu take another dimension with the new, color collection: the elegance of Black, the purity of White, the sobriety of Grey and the fancy of Yellow, magnified by the smart and aerial design from Philippe Starck.

"With Zikmu, we created a beautiful and a unique object for listening to music with today's digital devices," explains Henri Seydoux, founder of Parrot. "With the Zikmu 'in Color' collection, we pursue the idea of a high-tech product which is part of everyday life, similar to a piece of furniture or a decorative object. You choose it because you like it, because you will live well with it."

In addition to new colors, Parrot's software update includes a new Web interface with browsing mode to select music in the iPod. Also, an equalizer offers pre-settings according to the chosen music themes. With every Parrot product, including Zikmu, the company offers free software updates at to improve customer experience.

Parrot Zikmu by Starck offers a 360 degree immersive sound and crystal clear sound image, thanks to the NXT technology and control of all electrodynamic elements via a system of DSP processing and amplifiers.

With Parrot Zikmu, listeners can enjoy music from today's digital devices:

– iPod®/iPhone(TM) via a dedicated docking station

– PC, with audio streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

– Mac computers and Bluetooth mobile phones, with audio streaming via

Bluetooth® Stereo (A2DP)

Furthermore, an RCA line-in enables Parrot Zikmu to be connected to a television for home theater entertainment.

Zikmu 'in Color' is available at select Design Within Reach retail locations across the United States and online at

For further information about Parrot Zikmu 'in Color' by Starck wireless speakers, visit /