Parrot Zik Sport headset hands-on: made for sensing

This week the folks at Parrot have revealed their newest in smart sensing wearable devices, bringing on a strange-looking concoction in the Zik Sport. The Parrot Zik Sport is a smart wireless headset, using Bluetooth for audio and a number of sensors to send data to your phone while your phone sends audio back. This headset includes biometric sensors to make sure you've got the data you need to track your activities while you run around the city, jamming out to tunes.

The Parrot Zik Sport looks simple. It's got a largely silvery, reflective surface for the bulk of its body and some familiar matte black for its temple sensors. The Parrot Zik Sport works with both smartphones and tablets, allowing you to send and receive data from your pocket or backpack.

You'll be able to roll with 32bits DSP sound and adaptive noise cancellation. You'll have a "Street Mode" to allow surrounding street noise to come through – don't want to be running around not being able to hear the car that's about to hit you, after all.

This device is ready to sense a wide variety of body functions, centering in around running: ground contact time, cadence, and vertical oscillation. You'll know more than you want to know, more than you'll ever want to understand!

Like the other Parrot products shown this week, this headset has no price point set quite yet, and it'll be released sometime inside 2015. No specific timeframe deeper than that has been shared.