Parrot Specchio WiFi/NFC frame: there's a photo in there among the glare

When we first saw Parrot's Specchio digital photo frame, designed by Martin Szekely, it looked to be a promising concept: wireless image transfer, slick appearance, what's not to like, eh?  But this live image of the Specchio in action throws it into a whole new light – or, more accurately, it reflects a whole lot of light from the semi-mirrored glass front-panel and completely washes out the image.

Now I suppose there's a joke market out there for digital photo frames that badly display images you don't actually want to look at – interminable holiday snaps from distant family members, perhaps – but that's probably not what Parrot were aiming for.  Moreover, $500 is a whole lot to pay for a joke.

It's a shame, because there's a lot to like about the guts of the Specchio, if not the casing.  Apart from WiFi, which SlashGear reckons should be in every digital photo frame, it also has Bluetooth with support for the new Near Field Communication (NFC) standard.

[via DVICE]