Parrot Jumping Sumo rolls into the US in August

JC Torres - Jun 12, 2014, 7:15am CDT
Parrot Jumping Sumo rolls into the US in August

Parrot will be bringing two new MiniDrones into the US market in two months, and these two are nothing like its most popular product, the AR Drone. Unlike its flying cousin, the two-wheeled Parrot Jumping Sumo prefers to keep to the ground but is ready to leap into action should its controller, that’s you, tell it to.

Showcased early this year at CES 2014, the Jumping Sumo is probably the last thing you’d think when someone says “drone”. With a menacing face and a design that reminds you of little sci-fi robotic miscreants, the Jumping Sumo looks like something built for mischief, mayhem and fun, at least fun for the user. Instead of propellers, it has two giant wheels and an anti-shock system that helps it survive from falls. And fall it will since this drone was designed not just to roll but also to jump.

Those who have fallen head over heels for this bot need not wait much longer. The Jumping Sumo will go on pre-order starting July. Better get your wallets ready though, as this will cost $159 to be yours to keep.

Also coming to the US is its partner in crime, the Rolling Spider. While this one also has wheels, albeit very thin ones, like the Jumping Sumo, it resembles more closely the conventional image of a drone, with all that flying around that it can do. It also comes cheaper, with a $99 price tag. If you’ve forgotten some of the rather absurd ways you can put these two to use, hit the YouTube video below for some chuckles.

VIA: Engadget

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