Parrot AR.Drone Available for Preorder Now, Ships September 3rd for $299

Parrot's AR.Drone is one of the greatest pieces of gadgetry and tech we've played with in awhile, and that goes beyond our love for flying objects that we can control. The quadricopter, which we managed to get some hands-on time with back at the end of June, is keeping right on track with its time frame, and it's available for preorder right now.

You'll have the ability to preorder starting today, but you'll have to make a quick trip to Brookstone's website to finish the deed. If you'll recall, the AR.Drone can be piloted by an iPhone, iPod Touch, or even an iPad, and it will rely on augmented reality to fly around the terrain in the real world. Parrot is using open source technology to create the augmented reality "stages," so that means designers will be able to create their own levels, and you will be able to reap the benefits of their endeavors.

If you're interested in preordering one, the full cost of the drone is $299, and it will ship your way come September 3rd. Or, if you'd rather just have that instant gratification after you purchase, you can head into a Brookstone brick-and-mortar location beginning October 31st and pick one up. But, if you're still on the fence, check out our hands-on video below. It will make you want one.

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