Paper by FiftyThree brings sketching and notes to iPhone

The popular drawing and notes app Paper from developers FiftyThree has finally made the migration from iPad to iPhone. The app is meant to act as a digital replacement for the trendy Moleskin notebooks many people use today, collecting everything from sketches, text notes, marking over images, and even lists. Paper brings all these same features to its iPhone version, along with support for its Pencil stylus, although that extra hardware isn't required to use the app effectively.

As a universal app for iPhone and iPad, Paper wants to be seen as a place for any kind of ideas, not just for drawings. Entering text is as simple as any note-taking app, but what's new is gestures like swiping across text for formatting like size or making it a bulleted list or to-do list with check boxes.

Photos can be annotated with text and highlight spots. A whiteboard lets users get started with basic sketch or create more advanced imagery like diagrams and graphs. Different types of notes and entries can be organized into Spaces, with no limit on how many Spaces can be created. Notes can also be exported to apps like PowerPoint, Keynote, Dropbox, or as a PDF.

FiftyThree's Bluetooth stylus is called Pencil, not to be confused with Apple's own $99 stylus of the same name announced yesterday. Just as it does on the iPad, using the Pencil stylus with Paper on the iPhone allows easier and better control of the app's tools.

SOURCE FiftyThree [App Store]