Panono panoramic ball camera breaks 100 megapixel point

With little doubt of its ability to shine in the face of the massive amount of non-unique cameras in the field, the Panono throwable panoramic ball camera has, this week, been revealed to be working with 108 megapixels of shooting power. This is the first time a consumer camera has broken the 100 megapixel point – or gotten even close to it, as it were. It's all added up with an array of shooters, the ball capturing one single massive photo in a single stitched-together shot.

This beast of a ball of cameras has been in the making for some time. Reaching all the way back to SlashGear's first article on the subject, you'll find that the concept was unleashed well before the idea of a crowd-funded venture. Now we're a whole lot closer to a real-deal delivery. Here near the end of 2013, the ball is coming up in a collection for release in early 2014.

This ball camera is simply tossed up in the air, snapping one massive photo when it reaches its highest point. The photo is stored on the ball's internal memory and/or delivered to your smartphone or other smart device as such whenever you'd like it. The deliverable media appears in two forms: one as a photo sphere, the other as a large and wild vision inside a rectangle.

The final product is still – believe it or not – available through the Panono Indegogo page for a cool $535 USD. That includes a tripod stick – if you want to be less wobbly about it, a tripod adapter, and a protective pouch. Have a peek at our compact archive of Panono bits below for greater insight.