Pandora launches app for Apple TV

Shane McGlaun - Dec 11, 2015, 5:30am CST
Pandora launches app for Apple TV

Pandora has announced that it has launched a new larger version of its app designed specifically for the Apple TV and your big screen in the living room. The Apple TV version of the app has all the features that fans of Pandora have come to know in other apps the company offers.

Apple TV users will be able to create personalized stations and give tracks they hear the thumbs up or down. The app supports new artist discovery and the app will ask users for a screen activation code the first time they sign in to make it easy to get to stations you have already created on other versions of the app.

Pandora has versions of its app available for over 1,000 different consumer electronic devices ranging from connected speakers and gaming consoles to smart TVs and wearable devices. The Apple TV Pandora app is available now in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

There is no word on when the Apple TV app might roll out to other countries around the world. Apps for the new Apple TV have been coming at a fast rate with over 2,000 for the Apple TV in a month.

SOURCE: Pandora

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