Panasonic working on Post Focus feature and new lenses

Panasonic is talking up some of the new products that it is working on and one cool new feature. The new feature is called Post Focus and it will allow users to select an in-focus area after they shoot an image using a simple interface. Panasonic says that the reason this feature is being developed is to prevent out-of-focus errors with 4K photography and to offer more creative freedom.

The feature will be introduced via a firmware update for Lumix GX8, FZ300, and other camera models in late 2015 and 2016. Panasonic is also working on a new lens called the Lecia DG 200-800mm zoom lens. This lens is designed for the Micro Four Thirds camera system.

The lens will support bursts up to 240 fps, precision AF with DFD, and power OIS. Panasonic says that the capable optical image stabilization system will allow the user to take 800mm telephoto shots without using a tripod. Panasonic is also developing a Lumix G 25mm/F1.7 single focal length lens.

That lens is a 50mm single focal length lens with a large diameter. That focal length will give the lens very near the same viewing angle and sense of perspective that we see with our eyes. The goal is to make a lens that allows you to take a photo exactly as you see it. Panasonic also unveiled two new cameras today with the Lumix DMC-GX8 and Lumix FZ300.