Panasonic VIERA kitchen TVs offer motion-control, Blu-ray and WiFi

Chris Davies - Feb 21, 2011
Panasonic VIERA kitchen TVs offer motion-control, Blu-ray and WiFi

Panasonic has outed a trio of new VIERA TVs, including one model with an integrated Blu-ray player, and another which can be gesture-controlled. The Panasonic VIERA DMP-BV300, DMP-HV200 and DMP-HV150 each have 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 displays, digital TV tuners and SD/SCHC/SDXC memory card slots, along with integrated ethernet for YouTube and DLNA streaming.

The DMP-BV300 gets the Blu-ray player, with an HDMI port for outputting 1080p HD to an external display. As for the DMP-HV200, that packs motion-control; it’s expected to be used in a kitchen – hence is splashproof like the DMP-HV150 – and so users can control channel changes by waving their hands side-to-side, or volume by waving them up and down. It also has integrated WiFi b/g/n; the other two can use a separate WiFi adapter.

Finally, the DMP-HV150 gets the splashproof chassis but no motion control. All three can be paired with Panasonic’s TY-CC10W Skype video camera, and the BV300 comes with a battery pack (sold separately for the others) that can run for up to 4hrs. All three will go on sale in Japan come March 18, priced at 80,000 yen ($962) for the BV300, 53,000 yen ($637) for the HV200 and 43,000 yen ($517) for the HV150.

[via Impress]

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