Panasonic multi-room speakers with Qualcomm AllPlay unveiled

Along with taking us "beyond" the smart television, Panasonic also had some audio related announcements here at CES 2014. In this case, Panasonic unveiled the Multi-Room Hi-Fi Speaker System with Qualcomm AllPlay. As implied by the name, this is a multi-room setup and it consists of a few speakers as well as a network connector.

The speaker lineup consists of the SC-ALL8 and the SC-ALL3 and the network adapter will be the SH-ALL1C Network Audio Connector. Perhaps key for this setup, this will make use of AllPlay, which is a new smart media platform from Qualcomm. Simply put, this will allow you to stream music into multiple rooms and from the cloud.

Similar to other solutions like this, the Panasonic setup will work over the existing WiFi connection in your home. There will be apps for iOS as well as Android and the service list includes Rhapsody, iHeart, Napster, Grooveshark, soma fm, TuneIn and others.

Panasonic describes these speakers as having a simple, yet elegant design. More to that, these speakers have a slim, oval-shaped design and can be placed either vertically or horizontally. They SC-ALL8 is also wall-mountable. Panasonic has yet to announce any pricing, however this setup is expected to arrive in the spring of 2014.