Panasonic Life+ Screen "Beyond Smart TV" lineup unveiled

There has been the smart tv, and now thanks to Panasonic they are going to attempt at taking us "beyond" the smart tv. This is the 2014 Life+Screen line of televisions and they will be 1080p LED LCD. As for going past the current standard of the smart tv, Panasonic is looking to "deliver unprecedented operating ease for the user."

In addition to ease of use, part of this comes with the new 'my Home Screen' functionality which is said to bring a "more intuitive and personalized gateway." Basically, this setup will allow users to have a personal experience with bits to include apps and their favorite content. One key here is what Panasonic is referring to as quick and easy access.

The Life+Screen also has my Stream, Voice Assistant, my Home Cloud and a new Remote Sharing feature. These all touch on that personal user experience. The my Stream bit means content recommendations and the Remote Sharing will allow you to share video memos, messages and more through your smartphone — while away from the home.

Another interesting bit here is how it will recognize when you walk past and present key bits of information. This can include everything from the basics such as weather and news to, going back to the earlier bit about personalization, actual content and shows. While Panasonic had a model on display, we have yet to get a look at just how well it will work in your house.

The new models will be in the AX800 series and range in size from 58-inches up to 65-inches. These will be 4K LED and Panasonic has also said these will deliver plasma-level picture quality. And for those thinking 65-inches is on the smaller side, worry not as there is also an 85-inch model planned for later in the year.