Panasonic Four Thirds camera with intelligent Live View tipped by patent, coming to CES 2010?

A recently discovered patent has tipped a new Four Thirds camera (not Micro Four Thirds) from Panasonic.  The document shows a system whereby the camera has both a traditional optical viewfinder and a live view mode, flipped between by virtue of a moveable mirror inside the DSLR's body; however there's no sign of video recording capabilities.

Meanwhile a supersonic vibration device inside the camera – and triggered by a button on the rear panel – is used to clean the sensor as well as provide anti-handshake functionality.  The camera would also, seemingly, be able to automatically switch between Live View and the more traditional SLR view depending on various circumstances, such as when the battery is low or when the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Meanwhile Photography Bay are predicting a new Panasonic Four Thirds camera for CES 2010, based on "some info I've recently seen".  It's unclear whether that information is, in fact, this patent document or something as-yet undisclosed.

[via Electronista and via 43rumors]