Panasonic consumer 3D HDC-SDT750 camcorder leaks

Shane McGlaun - Jul 26, 2010
Panasonic consumer 3D HDC-SDT750 camcorder leaks

Last Thursday we mentioned that there were rumors of a new 3D consumer focused camcorder coming to market from Panasonic. That camcorder was mostly an unknown last week with no real details or photos of the thing turning up along with the rumor.

Today the camcorder leaked out and is called the HDC-SDT750 and Panasonic is claiming that the device is the world’s first 3D consumer camcorder. It appears that someone on Panasonics web team hit the go button early posting pics of the camera and a new fact about the device online.

That webpage is now gone from the Panasonic website, but before it left Engadget grabbed the pic and pertinent specs. The camcorder is apparently not an all-new device, but an existing high-end camcorder with a 3D lens attached. The camcorder is thought to shoot 1080p AVCHD format at 60fps.

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