Panasonic 3D consumer camcorder due for late July unveil

Panasonic are preparing to unveil a consumer-level 3D camcorder, tipped as being the first to the market by a big-name manufacturer.  The company is yet to provide details about the new model, but has confirmed a Tokyo press event on July 28th and that it will be far more in line with their current, 2D range in terms of bulk, than their existing AG-3DA1 professional 3D camcorder (pictured).

It will also be considerably less expensive; the Panasonic AG-3DA1 has an MRSP of around $21,000, well out of the range of consumer models.  Beyond that, specifications are unclear; we're guessing Panasonic will be aiming for as close to Full HD video as possible for the budget, given their 3D-capable VIERA range of HDTVs support such resolutions.

[via Electronista]