Palm's webOS 2.0 Gets Shown Off on Video

We've already seen two rounds of images appear online featuring the upcoming webOS 2.0 update to the mobile Operating System, but we've been eagerly anticipating seeing it in motion. And now we finally get our wish. Palm's webOS 2.0 has finally made an appearance on YouTube, showcasing what we've seen in still images, and showing off that more "smooth" look and feel.

While we're still not sure when we'll be able to finally get an official build of webOS 2.0 in our hands to actually use, we're happy enough with the video treatment. It's short though, coming in at only two minutes and 14 seconds. And, you'll want to go ahead and turn off your sound, unless you're a fan of old-school music that's been remixed.

There are certainly some minor User Interface alterations, and it's interesting to see the changes that Palm has made. Check out the video below for all the goodness, and let us know what you think in the comments. What hardware would you need to take a serious look at webOS, if you're not already a fan? The new notifications certainly look interesting enough.

[via YouTube]