webOS 2.0 Images Appear Online, Showcasing Plenty

This isn't the first time we've seen webOS 2.0. This time around, though, the source from which the images are coming out of the gloom of the nethernet is unknown. Not that that matters, really, considering the content of the images showcases enough to distract us that we have no idea where these images are coming from. After seeing what Just Type and Stacks looked like, now we get to see what Palm's webOS 2.0 is going to look like in the more UI department, while also showing us what services are going to be (seemingly) integrated into the mobile Operating System.

Integrated services like Google Docs is an obvious choice, and one we're not surprised to see listed at all. But, then there's surprises like Dropbox, which we're eagerly anticipating to see more details on. And, obviously, play around with. If the integration is anything like that of the Android counterpart, or something better, then we're sure that plenty of people will eagerly jump into the Dropbox/webOS bandwagon.

Of course, seeing things like MobileMe doesn't make much sense, especially considering the relationship between Palm and Apple. But hey, stranger things have happened. You will also get the ability to select your default application based on a certain filetype, which should make plenty of folks out there happy. But, enough of the text — take a look at the images in the gallery below, and let us know in the comments what you think.

[via PreCentral]