Palm Pre gets 800MHz overclock [Video]

Palm Pre not fast enough for you?  The Pre Plus doubles the webOS smartphone's RAM but leaves the processor (a 600MHz TI OMAP 3430 underclocked by Palm to 500MHz) unchanged; happily where Palm themselves seemingly fear to tread, owners themselves have no such qualms.  A couple of mod-happy Pre owners have overclocked the smartphone to 800MHz, resulting in swifter performance and, surprisingly, no significant increase in power consumption.

So far they've only had the chance to produce the webOS code, not the newer 1.4 build, but it's apparently as stable as any bleeding-edge alternative firmware ever is.  While battery life isn't battered, it seems the new code turns the Pre into quite the pocket-warmer: the advice is to put the smartphone into Airplane mode periodically to give it a break.

[via Gizmodo]