Palm Eos to be second webOS device?

An image believed to be of Palm's upcoming second webOS smartphone has leaked, and while both small and blurry it nonetheless suggests that the handset will have a Centro-style form-factor.  Unlike the Pre, the hardware keyboard of which is on a slide-out section under the display, this new smartphone is a candybar with the QWERTY 'board fixed under the gesture area.

Recent rumors claimed that another Palm device that would be smaller than the Pre was "very far along" in development, and would likely be launched this year.  According to the source of this new image, that timescale is narrowed down to fall 2009, although no specifications or details regarding the device were forthcoming.

The talk of a smaller device had led many to assume that Palm would be dropping the hardware keyboard altogether, and replacing it with an on-screen substitute.  That way, Palm could shave depth off of the device.  However the company appears reluctant to lose the physical keys, and as such this Palm Pre Centro – the official name of which is unknown – borrows from the form-factor of more recent entry-level smartphones from the company.

[via My Pre]