Second, Smaller Palm Pre Coming Late 2009?

As if waiting for one Palm Pre to arrive wasn't stressful enough, now there's talk of a second, smaller version of the handset primed to arrive in late 2009.  A trusted source has told TechCrunch about a new "Mini-Pre" (their words, not Palm's official name) which will be smaller than the announced Pre and use the same webOS platform.  The handset is said to be "very far along" in development, though there's no word on hardware specifications.

That absence of information, and the fact that it's unlikely to be a replacement to the first Pre, has led many to suggest it may drop that smartphone's hardware QWERTY keyboard in favor of an on-screen 'board and thinner casing.  That would satisfy those would-be users who are keen on webOS and Synergy, but who prefer a thinner, candybar-style device.

According to TechCrunch's source, the "Mini-Pre" could arrive as early as fall 2009.  Palm have always confirmed that webOS is intended not only for the Pre but for their new breed of smartphones; it's good to see they're not dragging their feet on continuing that range.

[via My Pre]