Palm Pixie (aka Eos) confirmed in Pre webOS ROM leak

Palm's "webOS Reset Doctor", the tool intended to be used to reflash broken or bricked Palm Pre handsets, has leaked, and with it the full webOS ROM.  Intended only for internal use, the ROM has already been cracked over in the PreCentral forums, and it's throwing up not only some interesting tidbits about Palm's intentions for the Pre but about the rumored Eos second device said to be launching later this year.

Mention has been found in the code of both "castle", assumed to be the Pre's internal codename, and "pixie", which has previously been tipped as the codename for the Eos.  Palm have never hidden the fact that the Pre is to be the first device of many to use webOS, but the presence of "pixie" in this first-gen code does seem to suggest that the handset is set to arrive sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere in the ROM, icons for MSN and AOL have been unearthed, together with a Java Virtual Machine.  There are also plenty of comments left by webOS' developers, including the somewhat worrying "# what the hell does this do?"

It was arguably the unofficial developer community that accelerated the original iPhone to success: while Apple were attempting to corral programmers into creating simple webapps, those with access to the hacked (aka jailbroken) core of the iPhone could use the same functionality that Apple's own apps did.  Might this be the turning point for the Pre, too?