Pair your Xbox One and PS4 controller to iPhone with iOS 13: Here's how

There's been so much news about Apple lately that one new feature in iOS 13 may have been overlooked by the larger Apple user base. With the new operating system comes new functionality for a wider range of Bluetooth controllers. This is Apple making good on a promise it made earlier in the year to expand Bluetooth functionality within iOS 13, and it's good news for anyone who plays games on console.

That's because this expanded functionality means that you can now use controllers like the Xbox One gamepad and the DualShock 4 with your iPhone. There are, of course, no lack of good Bluetooth controllers out there, but there are millions of people who use the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers on a regular basis.

If you count yourself among that group, pairing your gamepad with your iPhone is a pretty easy process. Simply open the Settings menu on your device, tap on Bluetooth, and turn it on. Once your phone begins searching, put your controller into pairing mode, either by holding the share and PlayStation buttons on the DualShock 4 or by holding the sync button on the top of the Xbox One gamepad.

Once the controller is in pairing mode, it should show up on your iPhone's list of available devices. This is good timing on Apple's part, as it also just launched Apple Arcade, and letting players use controllers they already have and are familiar with will certainly help sell them on the merits of mobile gaming.

Even those who play primarily on PC may still own one of these controllers, as they're popular choices for PC gaming as well. Of course, this new Bluetooth functionality is just one piece of the larger iOS 13 update, with the operating system's new dark mode getting a lot of attention in particular. You can read more about iOS 13 by checking out the stories in the timeline below, but otherwise, grab that controller and get to gaming.