PadRacer iPad game with iPhone controllers already in App Store [Video]

So, while we were heaping praise onto Chopper 2 yesterday, it turns out they won't be the first racing game into the App Store using an iPad for the playing field and numerous iPhone or iPod touch handhelds for controllers.  That's because PadRacer [iTunes link] is already in there, using WiFi or Bluetooth connected touchscreen controllers to guide classic race cars around the track.Video demo after the cut

Up to four people can race at once, using basic touchscreen controls.  Gameplay doesn't look too taxing – not that we're complaining – and you can drift cars around corners in a suitably ridiculous way.  Version two promises a child mode with easier controls and a "tag' race.

Now, PadRacer costs $4.99, but you'll need to have an iPad and at least one iPhone or iPod touch in order to use it.   According to the game's developers, we should expect to see a firehose of titles like these hitting the App Store in the near future, with at least two more added in the next week or so.

[Thanks Johnnie!]