Chopper 2 for iPad uses iPhone as controller, HDTV for display [Video]

We've all seen Scrabble played on the iPad with iPhones used as tile racks, but Dave at Magic Jungle Software had more ambitious plans for his Apple tablet.  He hooked up an iPhone to act as a Bluetooth controller with his new – currently unreleased – game Chopper 2, then going on to connect the iPad itself up to a 42-inch HDTV via the composite adapter.Video demos after the cut

Best of all, none of what Dave has done uses any of the private APIs that Apple is so protective about.  That means there's hopefully a pretty strong chance that, when he submits it for App Store approval, it won't encounter any hiccups.

To be honest, Apple would be crazy not to allow titles like these.  After all, if you're using an iPhone or iPod touch to control your iPad game, that's at least two pieces of Cupertino hardware you've gone out and bought.  Factor in the composite adapter for big-screen playback and that's even more cash for Steve's pocket.

Chopper 2 iPad/iPhone demo:

Chopper 2 on HDTV:

[via Distorted-Loop and via The iPhone Spot]