OWLE Bubo "iPhone 4 DSLR" adapter gets video demo

Yesterday's "iPhone DSLR prototype" may still be frustrating purists with its inaccurate name, but owners are simply getting on with using it.  Turns out, this wasn't a one-off DIY effort but the first example of OWLE's Bubo camera mount freshly updated to suit the iPhone 4.  Vid-Atlantic took it out to shoot some test footage, which you can see after the cut.Video demos after the cut

They used a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens fitted to their own static EnCinema 35mm Adapter with some minor modifications, and the app almost DSLR [iTunes link] on the iPhone 4 itself.  The results are surprisingly impressive, and OWLE tell us the quality will only get better as they polish things ahead of release.

The OWLE Bubo mount in its iPhone 3GS-fitting form is $129.99; no word on when the updated version suited to the iPhone 4 will go on sale, though we imagine it'll be priced roughly the same.  The Vid-Atlantic adapter, meanwhile, is $199.

Vid-Atlantic demo:

OWLE Bubo overview:

[Thanks Harold!]