OWEN E1 adds a little fun to E-Readers

If you take a look at the current E-Book reader offerings I'm sure you will notice that almost all of them are some shade of  unexciting and generally uninteresting white.  White was clean and fun a few years ago but its days are over, even Apple - the company that made white electronics cool - has almost entirely abandoned it. The newest comer to the E-Reader scene, the Owen E1 adds a little bit of excitement and interest to an otherwise bland segment.The E1 by Owen is a fairly compact E-Reader with a screen size of only five inches; that's enough to display 20 lines per page and 3 characters per line. It makes the the E1 a much smaller alternative to the Amazon Kindle and truly minuscule next to the Kindle DX.

The E1 packs some pretty sweet features: it has an audio player which supports MP3, WMA and OGG, together with image support although that's likely to be monochrome-only. So far the E1 is slated for launch in the Chinese domestic market. No word on pricing or availability in the US.

[via CrunchGear]