Overwatch's newest hero goes live on March 20

Overwatch players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the game's 27th character, and while she's been available on the Public Test Realm for roughly two weeks already, Blizzard has finally revealed when she'll be arriving in the full game. Brigitte, a support/tank hybrid, will be playable starting on March 20th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, which also means it's the first chance for console players to try the new hero.

Blizzard has already revealed Brigitte's backstory and abilities extensively. While classified as a support character, she has commonalities with defense hero Torbjorn (her father) and tank Reinhardt. She uses a Rocket Flail as her main weapon, but her interesting kit includes abilities such as a personal-sized Barrier Shield, and creating Repair Packs to heal teammates.

Along with revealing March 20th as the day Brigitte goes live, Blizzard also shared a brief behind-the-scenes video on the creation of the character's art and design.

Separate from the new hero news, Blizzard's Scott Mercer revealed that going forward, any new characters and maps will be withheld from Overwatch's competitive mode until the season after they debut. We've already seen this practice with the newest map, Blizzard World, which was added to the game in January when competitive season 8 was live, but only became playable in the mode when season 9 began at the end of February. Season 9 should wrap up around the end of April, with Brigitte joining the mode for season 10 shortly after.

SOURCE Blizzard