Overwatch's new character Brigitte detailed: everything you need to know

Blizzard is currently testing new Overwatch character Brigitte Lindholm, the goddaughter of existing character Reinhardt Wilhelm. Brigitte is the game's seventh support character; she brings with her a bunch of abilities developed, according to the game's storyline, during training with Reinhardt. Blizzard classifies Brigitte as a "Support+" character with an armor speciality.

The company explains that Brigitte has, until now, worked as an engineer dedicated to fixing her godfather's armor. Now the character, the youngest among Torbjörn's daughter, is ready to get into the battle herself using armor she built in secret. The character brings a roster of skills of both the combat and healing varieties.

Brigitte's primary weapon is Rocket Flail, a heavy weapon that can take out multiple enemies in a single swing. Joining the primary weapon is Whip Shot, an option to fling the Rocket Flail forward to knock back enemies who are at a distance. Joining the combat abilities is Inspire, a healing skill for restoring health to teammates.

As well, the new character has a frontal energy barrier called Barrier Shield that absorbs some damage; this is a protective shield for both herself and any characters behind her, one similar to godfather Reinhardt's shield. The abilities continue from there. After deploying Barrier Shield, players can activate Shield Bash to stun enemies in front of the character.

Inspire is joined by the character's ability to create Repair Packs, which instantly heal wounded teammates or, if the teammate is already at max health, provides them with armor. Chief among the character's abilities, says Blizzard, is Rally, an ability that creates a large number of armor items for nearby teammates to use.

Brigitte is being tested in the Overwatch Public Test Region; when it will launch for everyone isn't stated.

SOURCE: Blizzard