Overam: a new Android photography app that uses geometric shapes

There's no shortage of mobile photography apps, but not all apps are created equal. Android users have some solid options, including the ever-wonderful VSCO Cam, but they all start to look the same after a while — filters can only come in so many varieties, after all, and most users have seen tons of them by now. Enter Overam, a new mobile photography app for Android that launched on the Google Play Store today. With it comes photo filters, but of an entirely different sort: they revolve around geometric shapes, creating new types of photos.

The app currently sits at version 1.0.3 and requires users to be running Android 4.0 or higher. It aims to provide Android users with an alternative to typical colored filters by offering geometric shapes that in some way alter the photo, whether by isolating a specific portion only or by bring more extensive changes like blurs and glowing.

The editing abilities users have come to expect from these kind of apps are still there — there's control over stuff like color overlays. A total of 5 blurs are offered, including ones Overam calls "advanced" — namely, Zoom, Radial, and Motion. There are more than 20 "Creative Filters", more than 200 geometric shapes, an option for making those shapes glow, and the ability to invert motion blurs.

Other features include the ability to use multiple shapes in one photo, and what the maker calls "A live real time camera" that has most of the features you'd get in the regular editor. Rounding it all out are the expected sharing options, including for all the big-name social networks.

SOURCE: Digital Trends, Google Play