VSCO Cam update brings batch editing to iOS, Android

VSCO Cam is a widely used photo editing tool for mobile devices, and might just offer up the best suite of tools available. Those who take and edit a lot of photos rely on it heavily, and it's those VSCO seems to have in mind with their latest update. Now, with VSCO Cam 4.1 for iOS and 3.2 for Android, users gain the ability to batch edit. Once you apply a set of edits to one photo, a quick selection of others populates your edits to them as well.

The process of editing pics is as easy as you might think, too. After you've gone through the process of editing one picture, you simply select it in your library. From there, you select the 'copy/edit' feature, and go on to select the other pics you want to apply the edits to.

From there, it's a reversal of copy/edit. This time, you select 'copy/paste', and 'paste edit'. VSCO Cam then applies your edits across a variety of pictures.

It won't do everything you might have done the first time around, though. If you've straightened or cropped a photo, those edits won't apply to new pics. You can go in afterward and apply those fixes if you like, of course.

The update is rolling out now, so be on the lookout. If you don't see it yet, don't fret — it's coming.

Source: VSCO