Over 1m iPads sold estimate ad tracking firm

How many Apple iPads are there out in the wild?  According to Chitika Labs, Apple have broken the one million iPad sales mark, and – as of writing – have sold 32,866 iPads today alone.  Their figures come from tracking the number of individual iPads out there which are surfing the internet and accessing some part of the Chitika advertising network.

Given that iPad owners are often mobile, getting online via various different WiFi networks (at one point Chitika were suggesting they saw on average 2.73 different IP addresses per iPad), there's a fair bit of wiggle room in the stats.  It seems they work from a combination of IP and cookie tracking, though of course there's no way to track those iPads bought as gifts and taken online yet, or those which only get used as ereaders or multimedia players.

Chitika have declared California as the iPad state, with a whopping 19.12-percent of recorded sightings from there; New York and Texas lag behind in second and third place, with roughly 8-percent each.  Wyoming, meanwhile, really needs to step up their game: with just 0.03-percent of iPad sightings, they're at the bottom of the league.