OUYA white edition released with a space boost

The original black OUYA game console has been out on the market since earlier this year, and here in the Autumn of 2013, the team has released a white edition with double the internal storage space. This machine works with the same hardware besides – Android inside, a wireless controller for games, and a box to connect to your TV containing an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. This version of the device comes in all white with ever-so-slightly adjusted colors for the buttons and home key.

The OUYA universe is also being gifted a software update this month. This update will appear on OUYA devices across the world, including the ability to work with external storage, display video in game details pages, and a new "forgot password" page on the login screen. This update also brings the ability to download games without moving in to their preview page and makes it so OUYA no longer wakes up when you turn your TV on – that is, if these problems still exist on your machine right this minute.

These updates were also included in the beta release of software earlier this year. If you're already there, you'll find the finally-finalized build sooner than later!

The new white version of the OUYA also works with the same dimensions as the original, working with the finalized software update as outlined here. This version of the device still works with 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-fi, ethernet, and HDMI.

The OUYA white edition also costs just a bit more than its predecessor. This version will cost the user $129.99 USD while the original cost $99.99 USD. This version is appearing in pre-orders this week with that price tag and a note that if you purchase the machine before December 8th, you'll have it delivered by Christmas day.