OUYA production goes full steam: shipping has begun!

As the OUYA Android gaming console hits the first tier partners and Kickstarter funders, the team behind production has made it clear that starting next week, they'll be building and shipping market-ready units 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the standard OUYA unit, you'll be seeing a grey console and grey controller the manufacturing process will hit full steam, while Kickstarter exclusive units and units with more than one controller will be produced soon after standard production is up and running.

This week kicks off a weekly update series from OUYA as well. According to OUYA, they'll be hitting final delivery inside May for those that have already ordered their unit. Pre-shipping alerts will be going off a week before your order is queued up, and OUYA is brining on new vendors as we speak – this means quicker delivery.

Long story short, the OUYA gaming console will be coming to you soon, but not really all that much sooner than you've expected before today. You'll be rolling out with a vast collection of games by the time your unit is in your hands, and more partners appear to be teaming up with the device each week. That's good news!

Have a peek at a collection of updates and features we've got on the OUYA below, and don'e forget to stick around our OUYA tag portal for more information on the device through the future as well!

[via OUYA]