Outkast to reunite for a 40-day tour in 20th anniversary fashion

Musical outings will be played from coast-to-coast this year in the first set of Outkast concerts since their appearance in Santa Ana, California, back in 2009. This tour will be taking place at a variety of locations – yet to be announced – with at least one stop in June at the New York Governors Ball. They'll be kicking this tour off with an April appearance at Cochella – where they'll be headlining, of course.

This appearance will strike up the chord for the group's 20th year together making music. They”ll be taking the Cochella stage almost 20 years to the day – the day being the original release of their first album, the massively tiled Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. This debut album was released in April of 1994.

This release comes as a bit of surprise, as Rolling Stone suggests – even very recent chat on a bit of a reunion tour suggested they'd had no (public) plans as such. Right this minute, the duo are pumping up the public volume with posts to their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Each of these pages were created and/or refurbished for this new run, with their long-running homepage bringing the biggest release of the whole bunch. They have been so specific as to identify "Spring and Summer" of 2014 to be the time in which the tour will reside. It all begins on April 11th at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – have at it!