Our prayers to the fashion god have been answered

It has been a long time since someone actually created something completely different from the rest of the shoes out there today. Basically, you have your flats, heals, Converse and all the other types out there.

Now Marte den Hollander created a project called "Footloose", it is a high-heeled shoe that turns into a low-heel shoe with just a simple flip of the heel. I know you guys out there are rolling your eyes; however, we know your secret. We know even though you complain about all the pairs of shoes we have that you drool every time we put on those heels that make our legs seem to go on for miles.

The issue is heels do cause us pain and we generally have to buy a low and a high version of every shoe. This new shoe could actually cut down on the amount of shoes we would need in our closet. Unfortunately, this shoe has not hit the market yet, however, we can hope.

Convertible High Heels [via Oh Gizmo!]