Our Gigantic Aire LED Black Monitor Contest WINNER!

I have a story to tell you about this monitor. It involves the end of the world, what that ended up being, and how we forged the wilderness for you to have this monitor, oh you winner. It all happened about a week ago when the tides were coming in, our hair was feeling crunchy, and it was time to wake up from a 30 minute binge sleep (the longest any of us are allowed to keep our eyes closed, of course.) We woke up, and there it was, a big hole in the wall where the monitor should be – avast! Said we, pirates on the loose! Therefor we had to take action. This is not a choose your own adventure but it DOES have one happy ending – continue on, crime stoppers!

Once we'd located the source of the hole, it being a monitor-shaped hole it wasn't difficult, we went about tracking the footsteps of the thief all the way across the earth. We went to Barcelona, Las Vegas, Orlando, lower Indonesia, Tokyo, and even aunt Mabel's back yard where no human can escape without doing some yard work. And there it was, right there floating above us in a cloud of rapture – the monitor! We were just waking up at the time, of course, having just survived the second coming of the gods and all that, and it turns out we'd been sleeping for a few weeks instead of just 30 minutes. Imagine that!

So long story short we've got a winner and her name is Heather Creely. You can see her entry into this contest in the image above, and you can see the full rules for this contest right over here: Original Post. As with all of our recent contests, if Heather cannot contact us within 24 hours (we'll give a little leeway since we're so late announcing this one,) she'll have to forfeit the prize and we'll choose again!